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Vision & Objectives

TVU is the pioneer for improving the quality of technical and vocational education, and has the vision of training the rigorous skills demanded by the labour market, followed by establishing a sustainable and effective Academia-Industry Collaborations; for further upgrade and improvement of the quality of products and services.

Offering various Associate and Undergraduate Programmes, TVU also aims at being a competitive international university, and achieving World Ranking as a distinguished third generation university. Such vision is hoped to be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Improving the quality of technical and vocational programs
  • Building sustainable and effective Academia-Industry collaborations
  • Remaining a competitive international university
  • Achieving World Ranking as a third generation university

To reach the transcendental goals of TVU, the headquarters are responsible for policy-making, planning, and supervising the function of its branches (campuses, faculties and colleges), and their goals have been set to increment the role of technical and vocational training in upgrading the efficiency, and their social and economic progression throughout the country.

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