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Joint International Webinar of Technical and Vocational University (TVU) and University of Applied Sciences, Germany (FHM)

In order to develop scientific and international collaborations, Technical and Vocational University in cooperation with the German University of Applied Sciences FHM is holding a webinar on "Contagion Outbreak and TVET".

In this webinar, Professor Salehi Omran will present the experiences, strategies and challenges faced in Technical and Vocational University, and Prof. Doost Mohammadian will share the German experiences and strategies, and the new technologies used in Europe with the decision makers of Technical and Vocational University.

Technical and Vocational University on Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 10:30 AM will host the view of those interested.

Simultaneous viewing of the webinar will be possible via the link: http://live.shooka.ir:8098.

For more information, call 42350137 and 42350123.
Office of Scientific and International Cooperation
Technical and Vocational University

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