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Delegates of International Marketing of Vocational Education (i-move) met Director-General for International Scientific Cooperation of Technical and Vocational University of Iran discussed in the case of how to develop scientific cooperation

 Dr. Helge Korner Senior Advisor at iMove department and Mr. Amir Radfar Head of iMove contact-point Iran met and negotiated with Mr. Farajollah Talebi Director General for International Scientific Cooperation to develop international cooperation.
In this meeting Mr. Talebi While introducing the capacities of the Technical and Vocational University and appropriate partnerships with German universities and institutions, announced the university's readiness to cooperate in various fields including: holding empowerment courses for professors in different disciplines, execute collaborative projects, exchange of experience in technical and vocational education, holding short-term courses, holding workshops and equipping laboratories and facilities, the most important focus of the talks is to conduct empowerment training courses for Technical and Vocational University professors in German industry in various fields.
Dr. Korner pointing to the potential of the Technical and Vocational University, introduced the activities of iMove institute in other countries and announced their readiness for the proposed areas.
At the end of the negotiations, it was agreed that iMove representatives would explore common areas of cooperation and introduce companies willing to cooperate with TVU and after that German delegates visited Shamsipur faculty to get acquainted with the facilities at the TVU.
German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has assigned a special assistant by the name of BIBB to affairs related to technical and vocational education and iMove department is responsible for International Marketing of Vocational Education. All German technical and engineering companies must introduce and communicate with international organizations and companies outside Germany for international interactions through this institute's portal. This institute is currently represented in two Asian countries, India and China, and through this institute, TVU plans to expand its international cooperation with companies providing vocational training in Germany.


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