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The International Technical and Professional Business Management Course Is Held for Graduates in Collaboration With FHM Germany.

The International Technical and Professional Business Management Course for graduates of all universities is held for the first time in the country at the Technical and Vocational University(TVU) in collaboration with FHM Germany.

In order to implement the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the Technical and Vocational University and the German University of Applied Sciences (FHM), a joint technical and professional business management course “Technical and Vocational MBA” was signed at the International Scientific Cooperation Office.

The 1,000-hour course focusing on vocational and technical training, includes 400 hours of theoretical training and 600 hours of practical and thesis writing. Theoretical tutorials will be delivered in four modules by German and Iranian professors in English and theses will be jointly provided by an Iranian professor and a German professor.

This course is designed for technical and vocational, and engineering graduates, and at the end of the course internationally accredited certification is awarded with the seal of the TVU and Germany Applied Sciences University to participants who have passed the final exam.

At the meeting discussed the development of bilateral and multilateral international scientific cooperation with the Germany University of Applied Sciences, and the implementation of these negotiations, including the allocation of doctoral opportunities and postgraduate study opportunities for faculty members of the TVU, … will be informed soon.

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