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Saturday 21 September 2019
  • TVU and Sorbonne Cite' University (Paris 13) Chancellors Visit in Paris

    TVU and Sorbonne University Chancellors Visit in Pais

    TVU and Sorbonne University (paris 13) Chancellors Visit in Pais

    Professor Salehi Omran Met John Pierre Chancellor of Paris 13 University on Wednesday, June19, 2019. In this meeting Prof. Salehi Omran after comprehensively introducing TVU and all its potentials and capacities to his French counterpart, declared TVU willingness to begin bilateral scientific cooperation with Paris13.  Accordingly, Prof. Jean Pierre first, presented Paris 13 and its capabilities, then expressed his interest to have scientific collaborations with TVU.

    At this meeting, with the presence of Paris 13 vice-chancellors and Farajollah Talebi, Director General for TVU international affairs, parties negotiated on possible fields of collaborations such as exchange of students and lecturers, holding training courses in-common, holding workshops for lecturers and students, holding retraining programs for TVU lecturers in IRAN and France by French professors, making preparations for equipping TVU workrooms and laboratories using French company resources and international grants, etc.

    As the first operational step in this cooperation parties agreed to hold workshops on Automotive Mechanics and Auto Electrical Engineering, Automatic Gearbox new technology in cooperation with French companies such as Renault and Peugeot in near future.

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