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Tuesday 17 September 2019
  • Prof. Salehi Omran and Dr. Talebi Visit Lebanon

    Being invited by the president of Alafak institution in Lebnon, Prof. Salehi Omran, TVU Chancellor, accompained by Dr. Talebi, Director General of International Scientific Cooperation Office, traveled to Lebanon.

    During their 5-day stay, TVU delegates alongside Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Shariatmadari  the Cultural Counselor of Iran in Lebanon, met a number of lebanese counterparts as follows :

    - Dr. Fadi Nasser, President of Alafak institution

    - Dr. Salama Yones, Acting Minister Vocational Trainings

    - Dr. Ali Alaeddin, President of Alma'aref University

    - Prof. Diana ALmola, Presidnt of The Islamic University

    - Dr. Ayoob, President of Lebanon State University

    They also visited the Vocational school in Beirut, and signed an MOU with Lebanese parties. Based on the recently signed MOU TVU is to admit lebanese students for short-term courses and also for associate's and bachelor's programmes in Iran.




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